Our offer

July provides smart and streamlined services for the media industry.

Smart aggregation

We provide aggregated epg- and sports-data for all channels in Sweden that broadcast live sports. We can also provide aggregated services a la carte adapted after your needs and market.

Streamlined encoding

Using systems from our sister company June paired with a well proven encoding platform we are able to provide very streamlined encoding services.

Ingest management

We help our customers manage and monitor their entire ingest of content including automatic and manual quality control. That includes both video, audio, subs and metadata quality control for xVOD, catchup and EPG content.

Metadata management

We harmonize, translate and enrich metadata as well as aggregate metadata from different sources depending on our client needs.

Who are we?

About us

July TV was founded in July 2015 as a sister company to June. We are a young company with extensive experience of the TV industry and new TV services in particular. We bring a fresh perspective to the TV industry and aim to provide both content providers and distributors with services that do not fit well within their current businesses.

Our goal is to be able to offer a unified service for as many parties as possible to create a true win-win situation for the industry as a whole.